About us

Our kennel is located in Lazarevac, Serbia.

 About us


We started 23 years ago. Our first dogs were German Shepherds, then Great Danes, French Bulldogs and MOPS. All of these dogs have returned to us provided them love and attention, but there is something about MOPS that cannot be compared with anything.

It is a lively dog, loving to his landlord and his household. Tireless in the game, full of joy which shows at any time. Therefore, we have registered dog kennel "Uštica" and dedicated to the cultivation of this race. We acquired two quality females and males who have achieved remarkable results in exhibitions. From these combinations we raised two young females who have also achieved notable results

Today we have several males and a large number of females, and we strive to get some fresh blood from the world famous kennels. Our basic orientation in breeding mops is the health and quality of dogs. We work on that from the very beginning!

After 7 years of friendship with Mops, two Cavaliers from the Czech Republic arrived to our kennel. We will try to improve this cheerful, cuddly, and very intelligent race. By getting Cavaliers we have become the first official Cavalier kennel in Serbia

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    Monday to Friday 9am - 7pm
    Saturday 8am - 2pm
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    Obrada Radivojevića 44,
    Lazarevac, Serbia
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    +381. 65. 81.25.863
    +381. 11. 81.25.863
    +381. 11. 81.23.446
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    Rastovac Mihailo - Mile